3 playset 3x reasoning pgd

Yugioh Yu Gi Oh 3 Playset 3X Kryuel PGD-006

System Megaman. This Space For Rent. Master of Shadows Deck Garage. Another deck fix, people.

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I don't think I've done a Dark deck here. I know I've done a few Fiend decks which are mostly Dark but not something like this. This should be fun.

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I was hoping you could help me with mine. The decks purpose is to fill my grave for the begginning of the end using searchers also for stall. I use armaggeddon knigh to dump my dasher in the grave. I start out slow then i can get monster fields in one turn with dashers effect and reasoning and stuff it gets pretty powerfull.

It is prone to some very terrible hands though, and anything you can do to make it more consistent or effective would be greatly appreciated.

I do not have any more DLZ or allure. I just love this deck. It makes use of a very powerful draw card if used correctly - The Beginning of the End. Surprisingly, few people actually use this card.

The cost isn't too terrible if you're loading your Graveyard so quickly, and I know just the thing. It's useful in the right deck, but this isn't it. Not being Dark also hurts it a little in that it doesn't help in the way of fueling The Beginning of the End. Jinzo is also a great card, but 3 is just overkill.Duplo Lego Geoboards are do it yourself tools designed for children with learning disabilities to practice letters, numbers and shapes.

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Includi la descrizione. Inglese 4 Oggetti 4. Italiano 23 Oggetti Non specificato 4 Oggetti 4. Guardiano del Faraone 1 Oggetti 1. Premium Oro 1 Oggetti 1. Star Pack 1 Oggetti 1. Non specificato 28 Oggetti Nuovo 61 Oggetti Usato 54 Oggetti Non specificato 7 Oggetti 7. Inserisci una gamma di prezzi valida.

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3 playset 3x reasoning pgd

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3 playset 3x reasoning pgd

Qualsiasi Nuovo Usato Non specificato. Predefinito Italia Unione Europea Tutto il mondo. Galleria Personalizza.System Megaman. This Space For Rent. Dinosaurs are what got me into this game from the fading Pokemon back when Yu-Gi-Oh! However I was severely disappointed, as there were few dinosaur monsters and none of them were good. At all. Now a couple years later we have a far larger variety of Dinosaur type monsters and some of them are actually good.

And lo! We actually have some support to go with them! Now why haven't people put two and two together and built a Dinosaur themed deck? The reason being the lack of decent one tribute dinosaurs. They have Dark Driceratops and that is it. The rest of them are two tribute behemoths. So how do we make this deck?

That list is pretty easy to compile. Hydrogeddon is a ATK monster that replicates itself every time it destroys a monster.

Gilasaurus is the easiest monster in the game to special summon, but gives your opponent a monster and has low ATK points. Driceratops is probably going to be in a dino deck regardless of what it is based around, so I don't really need to consider it in making the choices for the deck. Black Tyranno is my all time favorite monster, but ATK just doesn't cut it and the effect is rather restrictive. Then we have Super Conductor Tyranno, the highest ATK of any two tribute monster not a ritual or special summon at and an effect that does the opposite of what you want to do, which is attack.

We want the deck to be as synergetic as possible, so right away we notice many similarities among the good Dinosaur monsters.

The have relatively high ATK points.

Koh msds

They support an explosive type of play. They support tributing dinosaurs for dinosaurs. So therefore we will go in the direction of an OTK mindset, as all of the monsters in the top 4 support it.

So after looking at all of this and doing some digging hehehe I came up with this deck list. ATK points are good for this deck, but Destroyersaurus and Sabersaurus are made much more useful in a deck that is not an OTK, and Jurassic World only gives you a boost, hardly worth it.

Hyper Hammerhead you will notice did not make it in, mostly because there was no room for it. Must Go Faster! The turbo mechanic has been tried with many different decks, to various forms of success, but it really works best with DDT or getting really big monsters on the field. Your opponent really will not see this coming at all.

In fact when they see the first Dinosaur in your deck, they will assume you are a nooblet and an easy victory. Boy will they be wrong. Monster Gate is similar, but then you are hoping to get a big Ultimate Tyranno out so that you can get your OTK's rolling.

You then attack with it.He's right you know. Hell I don't see much of a reason to really write anything here because everything really does feel like shit. I don't like formats like the one we're in where matches can be literally decided by the diceroll because every deck's goal is to not let you play. There's no pretense of a long grind and if there is it's not a long, daring game of trying to outwit the other player.

No instead it's because both players drew shit and are trying to play out of those hands. In some cases it doesn't even matter who the players involved are as by simply going first, you can very well win the entire match! I suppose the fact that I went to a tournament for the last time this year and was able to stay for the entire duration of it is worth mentioning seeing as Matt loves to bring up my never being present at locals yet has showed up even less than I have and the one time he does show up Empowerment raises the ceiling and drawing your "Garnets" isn't the worst as they have actual viable Pendulum effects that let A and B beat over Vanity's Fiend in the Darklord matchup.

It was either that or Yang Zing and I didn't have that deck randomized nor felt like shuffling it so I went with this, but made sure to add a pair of Dark Hole to clear boards and push in. Some days you are able to overcome a helmet deck. This was not that day for me.

3 playset 3x reasoning pgd

Me ripping into people? More complaining about YGO? I'm not Skull. I'm not going to endlessly whine and complain about the meta being too this or that because I've known for a long time the way things have been going. I've fielded my complaints and the people who've been willing to hear them out have heard them out. Today if anything reaffirmed my position and I really don't have anymore to say about that.

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Who knows? Well okay it IS starting to get annoying seeing people with all the funds in the world at their fingertips literally buy every deck out there in any game, be mediocre at playing ALL OF THEM and because one of those decks is actually a Minerva deck with a Minerva he is very likely going to top the next Regionals solely on the back of it. On the other hand it would be hilarious as hell if he scrubbed out despite having a Minerva as it would prove that you cannot simply buy a deck and expect it to get you a guaranteed Regional Top.

Right Qliphort players? Oh boy, a Yu-Gi-Oh! Locals report!

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3 playset 3x reasoning pgd

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